Ella May Sophia 

Ella speaks about the natural reality of life, where all is whole and complete, the end of the search and she points to deep rest and a peace that can never die away which is available to all as it has never left you.

Online Talks & Meditations

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These sessions are private and are connected through SKYPE.

Sessions are typically no longer than an hour and are payable in advance before the session

They are a chance to speak with Ella more deeply and be prepared for illusions to be challenged and for deeper levels of opening and understanding to occur.

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How to book a session with Ella 

All sessions must be paid in advance

One hour by donation in alignment with your income please. 

You will need to provide 3 times when you are available, your skype name and donate before the booking is confirmed. 

Ella will get back to you to confirm a time for your private session on Skype. 

Sessions are powerful and yet relaxed, Ella will speak to you about non-duality, answer any questions you have and some people like to write a list of questions before the session. 


These sessions are not a substitute for a doctor , therapist or medicines or counselling.  They are simply a sharing of ideas and a conversation. 


The Message of Love 

Ella speaks a message of love, the awakening through the heart, we have been taught love is an illusion, we spend our lives avoiding it but it is what we all want and seek. Ella states that love is available to all, that is is our natural state and she points so beautifully to that in her talks online and in public meetings, she also helps many people to find inner peace and awaken their hearts bringing people back to their souls awakening through Skype sessions. She has been living in love since a profound awakening where she saw that there was no separation and that there is only wholeness, being one with life, love, God or what she so beautifully calls The Beloved, she is also a poet and has written a book of poetry that points to this. She lives and travels in London and Italy and gives talks to people who are open to awakening and those who seek to be liberated from the illusion of separation. her online work is a great comfort to many and she receives much appreciation for the gift of love she shares with so many worldwide. In her words she states that " love is every glance, that we are being breathed and that if we can see but for one second this love we will see we can never truly be separate from it."


Ella speaks online in open meetings in person at public meetings and skype one to one sessions. She is also a poet and writes about the mystery of life in her many works.

Contact Ella

Please understand that Ella does not answer email questions, if you want to talk about non-duality and personal growth please set up a session or join youtube live or visit a talk.

Questions about talks and invitations to speak are welcome here. Ella appreciates all emails of gratitude and reads them all. 


A Million Eyes

By Ella May Sophia

collection of poems that inspire and awaken the heart, words to evoke expanse, openness, recognition and peace.

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